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Benefits for climate and businesses

Investments will be made in both wholly and partly owned newly established management, technology and infrastructure companies whose primary purpose is to make substantial benefits for climate, biodiversity and other sustainability values ​​by using new technology applications to utilize residual flows from industrial activities for food, feed production and materials of various kinds. This will be accomplished by providing financing, processes, technology, infrastructure, premises and real estate for such purposes.

Sustainable prosperity

The transition to industrial-scale circular systems is happening now. Our goal is to showcase a viable path to continued economic growth without sacrificing the present and future health of the planet. WA3RM Fund Management AB invests in green infrastructure, sustainable food production and other business opportunities based on industrial waste streams. Our funds are open for professional investors looking to make impact investments a reality, now and for future generations.

To secure funding for our impact projects, we have set up a fund structure called the WA3RM Regenergy Developer Funds. We are planning for several funds in the coming years to finance the projects in our growing portfolio. First up is the WA3RM Regenergy Developer Fund I, which has a goal to attract 150 million euro, with a hard cap of 200 million euro.

WA3RM Regenergy Developer Fund I AB is classified as an article 9 (dark green) fund under the framework of the European Sustainable Finance Disclosures Regulation (SFDR) as well as an EuVECA (European Venture Capital Fund). All future funds within WA3RM Fund Management AB will be classified as Article 9 funds.

WA3RM Regenergy Developer Fund

WA3RM Regenergy Developer Fund I, and the planned WA3RM Regenergy Developer Fund II, will be managed by Selected Group, a Danish investment firm.

If you are a professional investor looking to make a green investment with significant impact, please contact our CFO Kristian Bennetsen.


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