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Regenergy Östersund


Östersund is located in the middle of Sweden, in the region of Jämtland.  


A new reality in sustainable food production


Designing a new industrial future 

Regenergy Östersund is our most recent project. It is a perfect example of what can be achieved when industry and society work in a partnership to create a true circular future. Using the vast resources of energy available in the Power Region of Jämtland, we have teamed up with Jämtkraft, EcoDataCenter and the municipality of Östersund, to create a unique circular industry hub where a state-of-the-art data center meets sustainable food production.  

Details on which type of applications – vegetables, fish, shrimp, biofuel etc – are still being evaluated. Discussions are also on-going with local stakeholders as to where the Regenergy facility will be located.  


  • Collaboration partners include: Jämtkraft, EcoDataCenter and the municipality of Östersund. 

  • Initial phase of project estimated to be completed in 2026. 

Regenergy Frövi

Excess heat from Billerud, a world leading manufacturer of packaging carton, is used in innovative food production.

Regenergy Gällivare

Waste streams from the green steel production using the Hybrit technology will be part of a circularity solution by WA3RM.

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